Welcome to the TeleSense, Australia store

Welcome to the TeleSense Store

Maximize the value of your stored grain

TeleSense® provides remote solutions for commodity storage and transportation  monitoring.  Our products use wireless sensors for temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide monitoring (CO2) and the TeleSense App relies on machine learning to develop recommendations for grain quality management. 

Key Features

Temperature, Moisture & Carbon Dioxide Monitoring  

Monitor stationary storage units such as ground piles, grain bags, bunkers, bins, warehouses, and crates  

Monitor storage units in transit, such as barges or railcars (location tracking included)    

Obtain 3D view of your storage unit

Ideal for corn, wheat, soybeans, barley, and rice. Can also be used for commodities like potatoes, hay, alfalfa, and seeds   


 2–5-year battery life. Also receive recommendations for fan operation in bins and reduce energy costs 


Monitoring Piles, Flat Storage and Bunkers:

TeleSense CellularSpears

CellularSpears make commodity monitoring easier than ever before, by eliminating the need for a gateway device. Just insert these outdoor-ready spears into your commodity and start collecting temperature, moisture, and location data from anywhere with a cellular data signal.

TeleSense GatewaySpear

The TeleSense GatewaySpear uses a LoraWAN network to transmit temperature and humidity data to the cloud using a gateway and make it accessible via the TS App. It is ideal for locations with pre-installed internet infrastructure.

Monitoring Bins with or without temperature/humidity cables:

TeleSense Spider

TeleSense Spiders provide a cable - free solution to remotely monitor grain bins. Instead of hanging expensive temperature cables from reinforced bin roofs, we use two spider devices, one attached at the top of the bin, one at the bottom, for smarter monitoring. Spiders monitor the air which flows through the grain mass and help develop a complete view of your storage unit.

TeleSense BuffaloBox

The TeleSense BuffaloBox enhances existing cable systems by making them wireless, and provides users with access to all the powerful features of the TeleSense App.

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